Photo Booth Attendant Vacancy

Aurora & Co are a luxury photobooth hire company based in North Lincolnshire providing a beautiful, one of a kind photo booth experience to our clients. We cover a range of events every year including weddings, corporate and charity events and private parties, and currently have two booths, with a continuous flow of bookings already running 2+ years in advance.

Due to the current Covid situation, we now have an opening for a freelance photo booth attendant mainly to provide additional support and booking cover as and when it's needed, such as when there's a double booking/emergency or to cover any leave. This position would be perfect for you if you are willing to work just a few evenings a month.


  • Over 21 years old (insurance purposes)
  • Hold a UK Driving License
  • Own your own vehicle and comfortable driving at night
  • Live near or willing to travel to Epworth, North Lincolnshire
  • Fairly fit and healthy. Must be able to carry and lift heavy equipment unaided.
  • Speak fluent English
  • Available to work evenings and weekends from 5pm


As a photo booth attendant you will collect the photo booth from Epworth, North Lincolnshire, drive to the assigned venue in your vehicle, assemble the photo booth, manage the photo booth for the duration of the event and then breakdown after the event and return equipment safely back to our base.

Full on the job training will be provided. You will work the first few events with one of our experienced members of staff until you feel confident enough to attend on your own.


Ranging from £60-£75 when training, then £90-£115 for independent bookings once trained. This is a self employed position.

Heres a timeline example of what most evenings will look like:

Travel to venue             1 hour

Set Up                     1.5 hours

Hire                       3 hours

Break down                1 hour

Travel from venue          1 hour

Expenses and additional travel costs outside of a 50 mile radius will be reimbursed. More information will be provided if you progress.

What we look for in our team members:

  • A positive and upbeat attitude towards our clients and their guests
  • The ability to handle themselves when surrounded by intoxicated or harassing customers
  • Proactive, punctual and professional at all times
  • Attention to detail and a willingness to assist
  • Good personal presentation
  • Basic Windows computer knowledge

Due to the nature of the business, perfect attendance and timeliness is a must and we do not tolerate lateness or no shows. If you currently work a 9-5 job you will not be suitable for the position due to the start times of most weekday events.

If you would love to work for us, or find out more information about us and the role, please e-mail your CV to

We look forward to hearing from you!

Hi there!

Thank you so much for your interest in the position!

Due to the current ongoing Covid situation, we've realised we need an additional member of staff to help support us. This will not be consistent work, and we are looking for someone who would be willing to help us as and when they are needed and in emergency situations for the foreseeable future.

A bit about me:

I’ve been running Sophie Atkins Photography for the past 8 years where I specialise in weddings, portraits and school photography and in 2016 I decided to start up Aurora & Co. as a sideline once I noticed a gap in the market for a photobooth that not only provided . Much to my surprise the photobooth side took off and I am now taking approximately 80 photobooth bookings a year on top of my regular photography work. 

I currently have one dedicated member of staff called Sam, and he will mostly be in charge of all training you have. All bookings are mainly Friday and Saturday nights and are sometimes double booked, with the occasional Sunday and mid week booking too. My busiest periods are the months May-October, with it picking up again slightly around Christmas. 

I’m looking for outgoing and excitable people to run my booth, as all the guests are always in good spirits when the booth is open, so you need to be too! You will need to be able to handle the ‘banter’ from guests, take comments on the chin but need to be firm and assertive when needed too and stick to my rules, such as no drinks in the booth etc. I am as relaxed as a boss can be, as long as the client is happy, I’m happy. I also have a no drama policy, simply because I don’t have time for it! 

Bookings are just taken as and when clients want to book, which means that there may be a large lull with no bookings for weeks at a time, then there could be 4 at once or 3 in one weekend. As it is a self employed position where you would be classed as a freelancer, you have the right to accept or refuse any jobs you are offered. While this may seem really flexible, I am of course looking for someone who is willing to work as much as I can offer them, with minimal refusals and who will be considerate as to when the bookings are too. 

At the minute jobs are scheduled months in advance, so we will be able to inform you of which dates are available.

The ultimate goal with all my staff is for them to be able to run a photobooth booking on their own, including collection, set up and drop off of the equipment afterwards with minimal input from me so I can get on with the photography side of things without having to worry. 

Flexibility and willingness to work late nights is essential with the working hours ranging from 5pm-2am depending on what the client has booked and the venue location. The usual chosen opening times is 8-11, so here’s a rough example of what sort of timeline you can expect with a venue that’s 30 minutes away.

6pm – collect booth

6.30pm – arrive to begin set up

8pm – booth opens

11pm – booth closes

11.30pm - leave venue

12pm - drop booth off 

Training will be mainly on the job. Any out of job training will be paid £8.50 per hour, and any on the job training will be as follows. 

2 hour booking - £60

3 hour booking - £68

4 hour booking - £75

These are the set wages that everyone receives when two attendants go together. You will be attending the first few bookings with Sam or myself until you are confident enough to attend bookings on your own. The single attendant pay will then be as follows:

2 hours - £90

3 hours - £100

4 hours - £115

These single wages include the booking hours, the set up and pack down, any travel time and fuel costs up to a 50 mile radius. Anything over a 50 mile radius from my property will the be paid at .40p per mile. I do also have a bonus scheme too which will be discussed further if you get the position.

As it is classed as a self employed position, you will be in charge of sending me a completed invoice at the end of each month and filing your own tax return declaring your earnings at the end of each tax year. Wages will be paid either by cash, bank transfer or through PayPal on the 1st week of each month once your invoice has been received.

We are a very relaxed company where I see my staff as a huge part of my team and I love that we all work together on everything from problem solving to ideas to improve. So if you still feel you would like be a part of it (and your happy with everything I’ve written above!) please let me know.


Kind regards,


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